The Trapped Value in Agriculture: By 2050, the world's population is projected to soar to 9.7 billion, presenting an unprecedented demand for food. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) indicates that a significant majority—over 90%—of the remaining cultivable land lies in developing regions like sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Here, smallholder farmers are the backbone of agriculture, holding vast potential to feed the future. Yet, a staggering 80% of them are caught in a cycle of subsistence farming, producing primarily for survival, with their immense contribution potential untapped.


Unlocking the Value Potential: At Future Fit Agri, our vision is clear: to unlock this immense potential in the agricultural sector. We see a future where a single hectare of land can generate over $7,000 in annual income when optimized for commodity yield, and grade and market access. Currently, 80% of farmers in developing markets live below the poverty line, earning less than $500 per hectare. We envision a brighter future for them, their families, and their communities. We're not just providing technology; we're building a future where smallholder farmers can unlock the true value of their land and labour.


A Shared Value Ecosystem: We're bringing this vision to life with our shared value agri-ecosystem. Within this structure, farmers, investors, suppliers, retailers, financial providers, and consumers seamlessly connect, fostering fairness, transparency, and traceability. Anchored in technology and driven by data, this digital agricultural landscape ensures that value is distributed justly across the chain, guaranteeing fair rewards for farmers and their communities.


The Bridge to Prosperity: Our AgriOne data platform serves as the cornerstone of our digital ecosystem, unifying and sharing data throughout the agricultural value chain for streamlined interactions among stakeholders. It is designed to provide comprehensive management, facilitating performance tracking, risk monitoring and secure transacting. Through AgriOne, we are laying the foundation for a connected and transparent agricultural sector.


AgriOne platform enables sustainable farming and market access for small-scale farmers in emerging markets. The platform streamlines processes, improves productivity and yields, and promotes financial inclusion through direct financing and real-time payments.

  • Future Fit ValueYield Model

    Our methodology in agriculture emphasizes assessing and enhancing the farmers' capabilities to boost yield, quality, and revenue. Leveraging more than 500 identified success factors, we craft tailored improvements focusing on vital areas: financial integration, advanced agronomy techniques, environmental conservation, and collaborative stakeholder engagement.

  • Farmer Personas

    Farmers progress through distinct stages, reflecting their expertise. Bronze (Subsistence Agriculturists) focus on sustenance, benefiting from foundational education and financial inclusion. Silver (Contenders) are engaged in local markets, needing specialized services and training. Gold (Domestic Market Players) are on the brink of global reach but require compliance guidance. Platinum (Emerging Global Agronomists) produce for exports, facing scaling challenges. At the pinnacle, Diamond (Global Stewards) set benchmarks in both local and global supply chains.

  • Rewards and Incentives

    Our distinctive token-based incentive system promotes positive behavioral shifts among farmers, field workers, agents, and other participants in the agricultural value chain. This improves technology adoption, incentivizes data gathering and technology use while fluidly integrating with beneficiary funding, financial inclusion, credit evaluations, and resource provisioning.

  • Deployment at Scale

    Widespread adoption is key to creating value. We've developed a cluster and spoke deployment model that enables broad-based implementation across farming communities, farm associations, and governmental and non-governmental farming infrastructures. This approach ensures the right supports structures are in places to support farmers, whilst ensure seamless oversight and productivity tracking.


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For Investors

The South African Department of Correctional Services run rural farms where inmates have the chance to rehabilitate and build valuable life skills.

The South African Department for Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development wants to implement effective land administration of reformed land ownership, create sustainable agriculture and rural development. AgriOne.io provides all the solutions with full accessibility for all stakeholders.

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For Farmers

Joshua is a leader of one of the biggest tribes in South Africa. He works with farmers on his tribe's lands to help transform rural South African farms into viable businesses. Farmers like Sharon and her family of farmers are creating FutureFit, compliant and traceable produce, sold to households worldwide through AgriOne.io. The profits go back to the people like Sharon and her family, who live and work on the land. Together, we're building communities from the soil up.

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For NGOs

Sarah, an agri NGO portfolio manager, always seeks to ensure her projects create the most significant impact. While reviewing progress, she turns to Dashboard Analytics on AgriOne. With a quick scan, she's granted access to comprehensive, real-time data: from community training sessions held, sustainable practices adopted, to the tangible upliftment of farming communities. The transparency is unparalleled, revealing where every dollar has been allocated and the outcomes achieved. Sarah can now easily trace evidence-based results, showcasing the tangible improvements stemming from the NGO's efforts. With AgriOne's analytics, Sarah connects directly with every project's heartbeat, making informed decisions and amplifying the NGO's impact.

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For Communities

Meet Philomena. She has grown vegetables for her family for the last 30 years with mixed success. Three years ago, the farm she lives on started regenerative farming.

A food processing company built a plant nearby. The farm has since reduced crop waste to less than 15%, selling crops that don’t meet retail standards to the plant. Philomena learned regenerative, high-yield farming skills for small-scale farmers through AgriOne.io. Since 2020, Philomena not only feeds her family, but also supplies small-volume crops to the plant. She is leasing more land from neighbours to grow her business.

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For Off-take Partners

French retailer Carrefour has a farm-to-store traceability guarantee for shoppers on meat and soy products. Soon all farm-associated produce must follow the same standard. Nestlé has committed to better support individuals and families, communities and the planet through its initiative of Creating Shared Value. It involves tracking environmental and social impact of products they procure, and ensuring the elevation of rural farmers and surrounding communities.

With AgriOne.io, these retailers can accomplish their goals with all the farms they work with, in one single application.


Leopold Toton, Benin Partner

"Agrione revolutionizes smallholder farming by efficiently tracking performance and managing inventory. Its practical, data-driven approach empowers farmers, fostering sustainable growth and informed decisions. As an expert in SME financing and agro-industry, I see Agrione as a crucial tool for modern agriculture." - Leopold Toton, CEO, Sublime Excellence Inter Firm.

Lanre Osifeso, CEO, Nigeria Agribusiness

"Agrione has been instrumental in improving yield and compliance on my maize and cassava farm in Nigeria. Its intuitive features simplify complex data, enhancing decision-making and boosting productivity. A vital tool for any modern agribusiness." - Lanre Osifeso, Nigeria

Mohamed v Kamara, Liberia Partner

“Agrione is pivotal in tracking the performance and yield of smallholder farmers supplying rice to our processing infrastructure. Its precision and ease of use enhance our operational efficiency, ensuring a steady, quality supply to meet market demands." - Mohamed V Kamara, CEO, Liberia Rice Association & AIIC.

Olayemi Mayowa Popoola, African Agri Advisor

“As an Associate Africa Advisor with extensive experience in supply chain management and IT, I am deeply impressed by the Agrione system. Its innovative approach has significantly enhanced the efficiency and productivity of smallholder farms. Being from Aiyetoro Gbede, Nigeria, and now residing in the Netherlands, I've seen various agricultural practices, but Agrione stands out for its commitment to empowering small-scale farmers. It's a remarkable tool that is making a real difference in the agricultural landscape."

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    Leopold Toton

    Benin Partner

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    Lanre Osifeso

    Nigeria Agribusiness

  • person
    Mohamed v Kamara

    Liberia Partner

  • person
    Olayemi Mayowa Popoola

    African Agri Advisor


Our strategic partnerships bring unrivaled technological benefits to AgriOne.io’s service offering, enabling accurate assessments, risk mitigation and monitoring, as well as effective social transformation knowledge and capability.

Revolute Systems

Revolute Systems (Pty) Ltd offers state-of-the-art satellite Enhanced Vegetation Index(EVI) algorithms, including precision soil scanning, crop monitoring technology and super-high resolution image mapping capability. Making precision practical.

All 4 Agri

All 4 Agri Consulting is a multidisciplinary argic-centric entity that was formed by an experienced, lateral thinking and pragmatic team of people. The team developed a holistic integrated Agri-Centric Development approach that was based on their collective successes and failures. Our core team has a minimum of 120 years combine experience in various aspect of the agricultural value chain, financial management and interrelated industries.


Fachs Private Limited Out-grower, women-led scheme is geared to impact smallholder farmers in Southern Africa, in particular, Zimbabwe on rural land with no title. More than 60% of the beneficiaries being marginalized women, young women, youths, disabled, HIV/AIDs impacted households, Victims, and Survivors of Sexual Gender Based Violence. Fachs Private Limited also trading as OG-SUPERFOODS plays a central role in the implementation and sustenance of the Mandatory Shared Quality Management System (QMS) for the Group Certifications with an Internal Management Control System (ICS) and Internal Auditing Procedure (IAP) that ensures product quality, safe produce, traceability, segregation and compliance with the Standard as well as clear defined corrective actions and sanctions for noncomplying members.


QuadroPack, specializing in advanced packaging solutions, partners with Agrione to empower smallholder farmers. Their expertise in efficient, high-quality packaging is tailored to meet the unique challenges of small-scale agriculture, enhancing product longevity and market appeal. This collaboration promises accessible, sustainable innovations, boosting productivity and profitability for small farmers globally.